CCPS Makes Credit Card Processing Easy

Credit Card Payment Services is committed to providing the best service while giving our clients a competitive edge in credit card processing. CCPS was certified by Visa/MasterCard in 2007. Our headquarters are just outside of Augusta GA with clients as far away as the California coast.

We offer credit card processing, (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), credit card reader equipment, custom gift cards and check-processing services. We pride ourselves in having the most personalized relationships with our agents and merchants. Maybe it’s because we have the best agents and merchants in the country! We work with sales agents, referring partners, independent contractors, community banks and directly with individual merchants.

About the CCPS Leadership

The owners of Credit Card Payment Systems come with a wealth of experience, each in different - but complementing - fields:

Mark Hofilena, CEO, began CCPS in 2007. Mark began as an agent in the card processing business in the late 1990s. Instead of following the pack and only focusing on the comfortable restaurant and retail markets, his interests also went toward lodging, petroleum, supermarkets, internet/mail order, and wholesale business-to-business, including those accepting GSA purchasing cards. "I’ve found that so few people know how to correctly set up the unique industries, and the merchants usually end up paying too much for their processing." Our agents are trained in the interchange, various industries types and POS options.

Jimmy McCollum, VP Service Operations, came on board in 2007, with a background in the behind-the-scenes areas of technical support and customer service in credit card processing. Jimmy heads up the department fielding every question from "Can you help me understand this part of my statement?" and "Can you see if I double-charged my customer on Tuesday?" to "I have an error message on my terminal!" Service Operations also oversees the downloading, installing and training on terminals.


Talk to one of our merchant account specialists at 706-799-2913 now to find out how you can switch to CCPS for more efficient, cost-effective credit card processing.