Credit Card Services Careers

Join Credit Card Payment Systems for a profitable, fulfilling career in credit card services. If you have sales experience or related education, you know that the best income opportunity and potential career advancement is found in a sales career. Join a fast-growing, nationwide company with a track record for success that will provide all the tools and resources you need to become a success. Annual Earning Potential: $50,000 to $200,000+

With Credit Card Payment Systems, you will get:

Multiple Income Streams

Unlimited Leads

Unlimited income potential

Proven business model

Retirees Wanted!

Are you a retired or semi-retired business owner/salesperson/executive who is now looking for something in addition to playing golf every day? Do you want to make some significant money by helping all of those people in your Rolodex shave overhead costs? How simple is it?

senior applicant

You can offer expert credit card services to merchants who:

  • Don’t know CCPS.
  • Do know how they are tired of the decades of shell games, played by the various card processors, at their expense.
  • Want someone to be up-front with them, telling how much they can actually expect to save on their processing each month, and that amount be realized. They don’t want to ever have to consider switching again and can look forward to rejecting every card rep in the future.

Join the CCPS Team

Are you tired of being only as good as your last sale, and have to immediately sell another one so you can get another commission next month? Let CCPS introduce you to the long term stability of residual income! Build a business of your very own! If you enjoy sales, have integrity and enjoy helping people, if you're a self starter and are fairly organized, let's talk.

How much monthly income can be made with a career in credit card services? How many business owners do you know? We’re talking about a percentage of each merchant’s gross credit card volume!

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