What do I need in order to get set up?

  • A legitimate business or organization with a physical address.
  • A checking account (must be a designated business account if you're an LLC or inc.)
  • A business license is preferred.
  • A Federal Tax ID Number if LLC or Inc.
  • The last 3 months of processing statements, confirming average, as well as high, ticket amounts, card types taken, and monthly volume.

How long does it take to get an account set up?

Once the application has been completed, it is submitted to Underwriting for approval of your account, usually by the end of the following day. The downloadable program is then created for the equipment on the following day.

What if I have less than great credit?

While technically a merchant’s credit score isn’t tied to card processing rates, a sufficiently low score can be the deciding factor for the approval of an account. In such cases, there are stipulations that can facilitate an approval. These are processed on a case by case basis.

What cards will I be able to take?

Merchants will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you need to accept Fleet Cards, CCPS can set you up with Voyager and Wright Express as well.

How do I find out which fees are legitimate and which aren't?

Monthly card processing statements are difficult to read at best. Many are littered with expensive junk fees. However, not all fees are junk fees. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have individual line items, which all merchants pay.


  • Some of the legitimate ones are: Dues & Assessments, Kilobyte Fees, Interchange Fees, NABU Fees, Processing Integrity Fees, PCI Compliance Fees (as well as non-compliant penalties if one isn’t PCI compliant), Monthly Service Fees (once called Statement Fees), month to month Equipment Rental Fees (but under no circumstance is a card terminal lease excusable), AVS and Voice Authorization Fees, just to name a few. Unfortunately, Early Termination Fees are legal if they’re in the original Agreement … if you were ever given a copy of it.
  • Some of the rip-offs are: Administrative Fees, Application Fees, Membership Fees, Peak Season Fees, Warranty Fees, Underwriting Fees, Profit Sharing Merchant Account Fees, Data Breach Service Plus Fees, etc.

How much do credit card terminals cost?

Option 1) If a merchant’s volume is sufficient, CCPS will loan the terminal(s) for as long as we maintain the merchant’s card processing.

Option 2) If the monthly volume doesn’t warrant the loaner, we do offer $12 per unit per month rentals on standard Vx520s for as long as we maintain the merchant’s card processing.

Option 3) A standard Vx520 costs $175. If it is injected, in order to use the keyboard as the pin pad for PIN Debit/EBT, etc. the charge is $200. Our equipment page discusses various types of terminals; all are available for purchase. Many merchants want to own their terminals because they will already have it should they ever choose to use a different processor. Every card processor uses Verifone products.

Can I process via the Internet if I only have one router that provides Wifi for my customers?

NO! This is how most card data is stolen. People with sufficient knowledge, and laptops, whether sitting in inside of the business or parked near the building, routinely get on the business’ open wifi networks, to harvest all of the sensitive card data from every card the merchant accepts. It is imperative to have POS equipment only on a secure network with no customer access to that router’s wifi. The merchant is 100% liable for any hack, which includes victim’s damages, the merchants’ inventory losses, as well as Visa’s and MasterCard’s very expensive penalties.

What if I need help?

Whether calling our toll free number, 866-692-2772, or our local number, 706-830-5182, your calls are answered by our live people and we’re always available to answer your questions and fix things!

I currently have Gift Cards - what will I do?

You have options. We have merchants who happily continue with their current Gift Card Provider, with the separate terminal specifically for them until it is time to order more cards, then have all balances transferred to the new company’s cards. Or, merchants can change over from beginning the relationship with CCPS, and eliminate the other card terminal from the beginning. We offer both stock Gift Cards as well as full color examples, using your artwork.

What if I want to accept checks too, but I'm afraid of bad checks?

While check acceptance is pretty rare now, it continues to be available through CCPS. Whether Check Verification or Check Guarantee, if you want to accept checks, we can keep you safe while doing it!

What's the deal with accepting chip cards?

Today’s thieves put illegally obtained financial information onto the magnetic stripes of blank gift cards that are readily available at most retailers. This prompted the rush to adopt EMV cards in the US by October 01, 2015. EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), aka Chip Cards, were mandated for all merchants in card present environments, except for those in the Petroleum Industry. Unfortunately, no POS systems had approved EMV card readers ready by that deadline. As of January 01, 2017, 1.75 million US merchants have EMV equipment, which is only 38% of all storefronts in the US. New readers are being approved and arriving into the marketplace each month. All merchants who can use a countertop, stand alone terminal should have had the ability to accept EMV cards properly many months ago. The pay at the pump fuel dispensers’ EMV mandate has now been pushed farther back from October of 2017 to sometime in 2020.


Most merchants dislike the time necessary for EMV Authorizations. It is a small price to pay when compared to the cost of thieves routinely saying they were not at the location, because they saw their Chip Cards’ mag stripe get swiped and know they can get away with the fraudulent lies. They then initiate Chargebacks, getting their money back and keeping the merchandise. Even if the merchant has the thief on video, it doesn’t matter. The only question asked by the banks is “Was the chip read?” We can provide merchants card terminals as well as POS Systems that read EMV cards TODAY.

Is there an online portal that gives me access to my account?

Yes there is! You will be able to see your batches, individual transactions within batches, and the funding of those batches. Your portal will also archive every monthly statement from day one with CCPS.

What if I'm not happy with CCPS?

We’ve never charged a merchant an Early Termination Fee, and we aren’t about to start now. This equates to a month to month agreement. If we aren’t a good fit, we don’t think it should cost a merchant a penny to find a card processor that does fit.

Can I take cards with my Smart phone?

We offer every solution. You can accept payments with your smartphone (iPhone or Android), remotely on your laptop, in the office through your PC, through a POS System that manages your business, or on a traditional countertop terminal.

Talk to one of our merchant account specialists at 706-799-2913 now to find out how you can switch to CCPS for more efficient, cost-effective credit card processing.