Our Equipment

The Credit Card Reader Equipment you need

Initially, merchants used stand-alone credit card reader terminals for card processing. Sometime later, point of sale systems became the norm throughout major retailers and eventually became the standard for restaurants. The latest in the evolution of credit card reader equipment is using your own computer.

If you already have a terminal, there’s a great chance that you can continue using it. With Verifone, Hypercom, Eclipse and Nurit brands, in addition to many wireless units, Credit Card Payment Systems is compatible with most of the equipment out there. We offer dial and IP processing. If you need a terminal – or just want to upgrade – we offer equipment at reasonable prices. CCPS suggests all merchants own their terminals, as they will probably be able to use them with any credit card processor.

Don’t Lease Your Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Payment Systems does not lease equipment. We want existing and potential clients to know that it is bad business to lease equipment. The money spent in the first few months to lease the terminal would have purchased it. The remainder of that 48-month contract is nothing more than an expensive education. In the end, the merchant STILL doesn’t own the terminal!

Point of Sale Systems

Unknowingly, many merchants purchase more system than they need and purchase proprietary card processing software. A merchant can live with too much POS system. The proprietary card processing, on the other hand, can cost your business dearly on the bottom line for as long as it is used because all card-processing competition is eliminated. The company who sold the software typically gets a cut of the merchants’ gross card sales. Many merchants have chosen to put a stand-alone terminal beside the POS system and swipe their customers’ cards. It saves money every month, and the POS system still does inventory and the books. shutterstock_410442124 CCPS works directly with POS venders and can help guide our merchants in a direction that is geared to their needs. There will be no proprietary card processing software!

Use Your PC as a Credit Card Reader

You’ve no doubt seen them in your doctor’s and dentist’s offices - there’s a block on the side of the monitor where the card is swiped. Then a receipt is printed from the computer. Below are just a few of the attributes of today’s PC virtual terminals: - Available PIN pad for debit card and EBT card processing - Commercial card Level II support - CVV2/CVC2/American Express and Discover keyed requirement including CID - IP communication with dial back-up - No need to purchase a stand-alone terminal if you have a PC - With an inexpensive credit card reader, you can swipe anything a terminal can - All card numbers are securely stored on the server, not on your computer - Do recurring billing without storing card numbers on your computer