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Get the Right POS for Your Industry

The card processing industry is complex, and every merchant has different needs for a POS system. It begins with The Interchange Tables, which are the prices set forth by the associations (Visa and MasterCard, etc.) charged to the merchants for processing the cards transactions. Then, there are hundreds of line items (such as rewards cards), each based upon risk factors and costs involved. Cards will cost different amounts, depending upon the industry and the specifics of the entry (swiped or keyed-in and how much information is provided).  This is why it is imperative to correctly set up the merchant’s account and POS system. Below are different industries we serve and a bit of info about each.


From shoe stores to auto repair shops, you can process transactions quickly. Whether you need a traditional stand-alone terminal using a phone line or on a high-speed IP connection, we have the ideal way to process cards with your POS system. Are you really in a hurry? Ask us about the Quick Service Program: The customer doesn’t have to sign a receipt. (Quick Service Program is available to specific industries.)



Do you have an eating establishment with servers? You’ll be able to keep up with individual servers and adjust tips. Are you not interested in a tip line? Are many of your transactions under $25? Is the time spent at the terminal important? Ask us about the Visa/MasterCard QSR Program; the customer leaves without having to sign the receipt, so you get to the next customer faster.



Credit Card Payment Systems supports a full line of terminals able to prompt for Address Verification Service, Invoice/Purchase Order and CVV2 (Card Verification Value). This ensures that merchants meet the best interchange qualifications on their key-entered transactions. Whether using a stand-alone terminal or a Virtual Terminal on your computer, you will have the perfect card processing for your POS system.


Business to Business

As more businesses choose to use their business credit cards for all purchases, wholesalers must now accept cards. As the merchant processes business, corporate and purchasing card transactions, additional information such as invoice number must be entered in order to cost as little as possible. This information is known as Level II Data. If you are regularly accepting business cards and you aren’t prompted for Invoice Number, you are paying too much. CCPS can help you!

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Do you have separate departments and multiple checkout lanes? You may qualify for the Supermarket Program with rates lower than when using a Retail Application.


Lodging/Auto Rental

In lodging and auto rental, the merchant often “pre-authorizes" the customer’s card to ensure its validity. The merchant also has the ability to charge the card, should the customers change their minds at the last minute without informing the merchant. Let’s say, for instance, that a motel owner wishes to try to beat the system by asking for a retail account, making rewards cards go in at significantly less cost. There will be no pre-authorization option, as everything will go through as straight sales. If that merchant is set up with a retail application, and the word “Motel”, “Lodge” or “Inn” is in the name, The Association will make many of his transactions downgrade, costing significantly more than if it had been done correctly in the beginning. If a merchant is priced incorrectly, it will always cost more in the long run (not to mention the possible fines levied from Visa and MasterCard for submitting fraudulent information!). We are here to look out for the merchant. Available on the Omni Vx570 and some Hypercom Terminals.


Utility Program

Anyone who provides electricity, natural gas, water, heating oil or sanitation is eligible for the Utility Program. All that is needed is verification, then we can begin saving you significant money. If you aren’t currently accepting cards as payment, you will be amazed at how quickly your customers will become current with their accounts because they can use cards. CCPS is fully trained to be with our merchants every step of the way as we go through the qualification process. It isn’t difficult, but many merchant service providers aren’t familiar with the program.


Public Sector

Going hand in hand with the Utility Program, municipalities can take full advantage of card payments in the areas of transportation, bridge and road fees – tolls, courts, fines, bail bonds and taxes. In uncertain times, cards may be the solution to keep the revenues flowing!


Petroleum/Pay at the Pump

CCPS has the ability to get through the volume of paperwork needed to correctly setup a petroleum merchant. Systems such Ruby, Gilbarco and Wayne are all certified on the BuyPass platform. We can also process fleet cards. Merchants can easily establish processing for Wright Express (WEX), Voyager, Fuelman and MasterCard fleet cards as part of the same POS system. Customers frequently ask to use fleet cards at retail merchants like auto repair and parts stores.

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GSA Purchasing Cards

Do you currently sell to - or have contracts with - the Federal Government? Are the transactions costing you an arm and a leg? Unlike the Level II Data required for regular business purchasing cards, GSA Level III Data include more information. Without this information, processing cards will always cost significantly more. Many agents have never heard of GSA cards. We have merchants who are properly set up and reaping the rewards. Before our relationships, they had not heard of Level III Data. Either the agents simply didn’t know or were making significantly more money at the merchants’ expense. Either reason is unfortunate for the merchant.

Our experts will solve them in no time.

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