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Advanced Funding Frequently Asked

CCPS’ goal is to help you, the business owner, raise the necessary capital for your business to realize its full potential in the shortest timeframe and as easily as possible. Sometimes, traditional Business Loans just aren’t available at the exact time to grow.

The beauty of Advance Funding is that it isn’t dependent upon how much collateral you have. The Advance is solely attached to your daily cash flow. With the right criteria, you qualify.

If you’ve been in business for at least one year, and have card processing volume, you qualify for an advance.

Get your last 4 months of card statements together, we will go through the short application process with you and it’s that simple.

Instead of rigid once a month payments, our merchants pay a small percentage of the business’ credit card sales each day the equipment settles. The batch percentage will not change. Payments flow with your cash flow; whether business slows or increases, the percentage is constant. And the final amount to be repaid is known prior to finalizing the advance.

We typically have Advance Funding approved and to your bank account in 1 to 2 business days.

It is your business. Do you need to renovate your building, hire more employees, get the great deal on inventory, upgrade equipment, diversify your products and services, or buy that food truck?